Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer fashion no-no's

In the middle of summer, the happiness is the best word that describes our feelings, since the weather is pleasantly warm, the rain doesn’t bother us, we go and travel, swim and all those things we cannot do during the cold seasons, and just want to live up every moment like this, by the beginning of September. Sometimes and especially summer women may forgotten about the little things that can ruin the whole impression, what else than your style. Oh yeah, there are some serious issues that couldn’t be repeated enough. Let’s be honest from the start: it is summer and there is no need for layers of clothes that hide your body, so every piece of clothing is clearly visible and it is much more pleasant to dress up properly and with taste than in hurry without thinking. Let’s face the reality and check the following top list that clearly must not occur summertime.
  1. Crochet boots
Crochet clothing is stylish until a point, if you like everything folk, bohemian and festival fashion, a crochet vest or top would be wonderful! But don’t commit one thing: crochet boots in summer? Even expressing it is confusing too, not to mention the whole look. What is the idea about wearing a footwear made of an airy material in a hot sunny day, when most of us want to cool our feet down but instead they smoothly simmer? Keep in mind: there is enough time all year to wear all kind of boots, it’s summer.
  1. Bra straps
There is nothing less appealing summertime than bra straps that blink into your eyes from the nowhere. Let’s face it, it’s pretty unpleasant to see someone’s bras after all. But, for everyone out there, in order to avoid these kinds of situations, you can detach the straps of the bras or there are plenty of strapless bras that will be your best friends in the hot days of summer.
  1. Leggings and tights
Leggings are constant stars of every spring and summer season. Why they cannot be? They are comfy, come in a lot of colors, prints and material, everything you like in this world. But, sometimes when there is too much choice, there is the possibility to go wrong with the simplest one. The black leggings or tights are staples, every wardrobe contains at least one pair. Sometimes women just forget the fact the idea that leggings doesn’t function as pants or jeans at all and take them to the gym instead of sportswear. They look comfortable but when doing sports they can become too tights. Leggings are perfect for the hot season because you can grap a colorful or nude tunic, flip flops or heels then go on your way but are not recommended for sports.
  1. Wrongly chosen swimsuit
And let’s face the ultimate summer fashion faux-pas: swimwear. Perhaps, this is the most delicate wear of all the summer clothing, because they can be often chosen wrongly. So it is extremely important to know your body, to know what to hide and what to show, for instance, if you want to emphasize your bust then choose a two piece swimwear that has details, like fringes or ruffles. Or if you have a curvy figure you can better stress out with a one-piece preferably mono-colored swimwear. Or choose a vertical striped one-piece swimwear,that optically makes your figure thinner.


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